About Us

Uptown Yonge Dental is a family focused practice where every team member strives to offer patients the most minimally invasive dentistry possible. Technology is a big part of that and is why we have the most advanced equipment available. From digital x-rays to digital impressions and same day crowns and fillings to laser dentistry, our office stays on the cutting edge of innovation. Studies have shown that the number one thing people are looking for in a dentist is trust. Trusting that their dentist has the passion to do what they’re looking for, trusting their dentist attends continuing education courses and continually upgrades and sharpens his skills, trusting that their dentist is conservative in treatment options and is based on experience and thoughtful consideration for what’s best for you and your family. We hope that at our practice you find the trust that you deserve. When you visit our office you’ll see we love taking care of patients and have fun doing it! That’s our greatest pride and it’s our privilege to offer you the utmost care and attention you deserve.